Microneedling w/ PROCELL PRO (original formula) Stem Cell Serum & Aftercare

Microneedling w/ PROCELL PRO (original formula) Stem Cell Serum & Aftercare

**EVERY PROCELL PRO Microneedling treatment includes up to $97 worth of extra bonuses at no extra charge!

Highly concentrated growth factor serums derived from human bone marrow stem cells are infused by using a pen like device that creates micro channels in skin allowing the serum to penetrate into deeper layers. The micro-injuries stimulate skin to produce collagen resulting in rejuvenated, smoother looking, healthy skin while PROCELL amplifies collagen response and promotes scarless healing in an anti-inflammatory environment.

Bonus 1

Highly concentrated numbing cream for a very comfortable experience with little to no pain

Bonus 2 $20 value

Relaxing arm & hand massage while waiting for numbing

Bonus 3 $20 value

Application of lightening serum to further enhance lightening of all forms of pigmentation (sun spots, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from past injuries)

Bonus 4 $19 value

Application of soothing hydrogel sheet mask and skin cooling cold hammer LED light massage after treatment

Bonus5 $38 value

Two step Procell Pro aftercare serums to take home for amplified collagen response and healing following your treatment.  

 Maximum benefit of this treatment is aquired through multiple sessions (usually 3-5) spaced 4 weeks apart.

 You can expect to enjoy your fresh glowing skin for several months after completing a series of treatments. A single maintenance treatment is recommended every 3-6 months to keep skin looking and feeling it’s best!

3 Treatments - $650 *save $70 on 3*

If just beginning microneedling treatments, best results are achieved through at least 3 consecutive treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

1 Treatment- $240 - for maintenance boost

 Suggested every 3-6 months after initial series to maintain your beautiful glowing skin.

**Add neck $30/ treatment

**Add dermaplaning $25/treatment


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