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Dermaplaning is a very popular non-invasive treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) to reveal silky smooth skin and a glowing complexion. 

After dermaplaning, your skin absorbs products more readily and efficiently making your skincare ingredients more effective (for example lightening creams to help pigmentation). 

Makeup application feels like a dream when applied to skin that is exfoliated and free of vellus hair. 

Dermaplaning can be repeated safely every 4-6 weeks to maintain your smooth results. 

Contrary to some opinions, the hair will NOT grow back thicker or more coarse. 

A newer version called oil-planing is a technique that is a great option for those with dry or sensitive skin. 

A dab of face oil is applied to skin prior to dermaplaning for very comfortable and smooth skin treatment with amazing results. 

Dermaplaning can be done as a stand alone service, or choose the dermaplaning facial for a luxurious exfoliating facial with massaging, hydrating face mask and more. 

Add to microneedling to get the best possible results from your skin rejuvenation treatment


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